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Workshop Series

The Movement Enthusiast

Friday June 28 — Last Session

6PM – 8PM

In collaboration with Yoga One San Diego, we’re piloting a new workshop format that inspires people to move in more ways! With familiar movement as the launching pad, and led by yoga teachers with additional movement specialties, this two-hour practice is all about mindful physical explorations that get yoga practitioners off the mat and into creative space.


Register directly with Yoga One San Diego to Attend:



Yoga One San Diego

1150 Seventh Ave, San Diego, CA 92101



Drop In
Spiral Out


11AM – 12:30PM

This is an ongoing class for advanced dancers. We move from a place of play and curiosity in this technique class. Go beyond the mechanics, think critically about the tools, make connections, and deepen sensory awareness as a means for honing artistry and dynamics.


Cash/check donations are also accepted in-person at the door. Your donation supports DISCO RIOT’s mission to create a more collaborative movement-based arts scene in San Diego.


Stage 7 School of Dance

3980 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104