Classes + Workshops

Weekly Classes

Class is offered by donation ($10 suggested). Your donation supports DISCO RIOT’s mission to create a more collaborative movement-based arts scene in San Diego.

Drop In, Spiral Out

11AM – 12:30PM

at Stage 7 School of Dance

Mondays: All Levels w/ Rotating Teachers

Fridays: Advanced w/ Rotating Teachers










Monday Rotating Teachers



Joyce Lien Kushner: Joyce’s contemporary class draws from various modern and contemporary disciplines, playing with weight, tension, dynamics, textures and gestural movements. Class begins with a floor warm-up, using somatic, improvisational and release ideas. Then we’ll move to our feet, going from center work to across the floor, and finish off by building to a final juicy phrase that will have us moving in and out of the floor. Knee pads are suggested if you are new to floorwork.



Marty Dorado: Marty’s class will feature modern and contemporary movements mixed with fitness basics. Warm up with simple and dynamic full body dance exercises with fitness equipment, then focus on individual creativity as we workshop, experiment and play with phrasework and improvisation. All fitness equipment will be provided.



Nicole Oga: Nicole’s all levels class will explore how to move the body efficiently and safely, while embodying various textures and dynamics. Be ready to notice habitual movement patterns and discover new ways of moving.



Chelsea Zeffiro: Chelsea’s dance class is grounded in a practice toward presence: in our bodies, the space, and with each other. We’ll use sensory exploration (some improvisation) and sequencing practices, shifting awareness through the body and beyond—working from the inside out.


Friday Rotating Teachers


Lauren Christie: Lauren’s class incorporates elements of ballet, modern, and contemporary techniques, as well as yoga. Clear movement pathways and efficient use of energy are prioritized, as well as fluidity, momentum, and rebound. Exercises include spinal articulations, weight shifts, big legs, and floorwork. Consider bringing knee pads and/or long pants!



Zaquia Mahler Salinas: Go beyond the mechanics, think critically about the tools, make connections, and deepen sensory awareness as a means for honing artistry and dynamics.