Season 5 Fundraiser


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What we do, who we are, and our lasting impact has taken shape over the past four years. This is the time to help us crystallize DISCO RIOT and what we bring to the community as we take on year 5 of radical programming. We will continue to evolve as we more deeply actualize exciting, leveled-up iterations of the same rad programming you know and love, while growing new approaches to serving the community.

We’ve set the intention for 2023 to be about deepening our capacity as a producer and presenter of  movement-artists. Season 5 is for:

  • turning up the volume on some of our favorite programs that bring together a wide range of artistic voices in cool formats
  • developing DISCO RIOT as a resource organization through accessible educational programming, workshops, and community building events
  • supporting the growth of artists in the San Diego community via research and development, co-production, fiscal sponsorship, and professional development opportunities

We’re collaborating up with very cool community partners, organizations, and artists to bring it all to life. Join us in making 2023 a year for solidifying our work as a deep-seated and far-reaching local arts organization for San Diego and beyond!

November 25-December 1

all donations matched 1-to-1, up to $5,000!

DISCO RIOT is leading the charge for (r)evolution of movement and performing arts culture in San Diego. Your contributions to DISCO RIOT always go directly towards the generation of new movement-based art, resources for artist collaboration, and the necessities of building a stronger community. Every dollar you give impacts the possibility of more dance, storytelling, innovation and artist retention in our region.

Thank you for being a part of the movement!


We are currently at $23,280 of our $25,000 goal!

2022 End-of-Season Report


Season 4 was our first truly full season of programming. We continued to provide much loved DISCO RIOT staples like our donation based classes and the S P A C E Alliance Studio Residency, successfully revived the joyous Choreo & ____, and launched new, vital  programming like Queer Mvmnt Fest. We are insanely proud of the work we accomplished this year. Here’s a recap of what DISCO RIOT achieved in 2022:

  • Overall, we supported the creation and presentation of more than 60 individual dance/movement-based works by 37 artists and their collaborators over 12 different events in 2022.
  • We offered 72+ donation-based dance classes with a wide range of excellent local teaching artists.
  • We built relationships and partnered with 15+ other nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, city spaces, and local businesses to bring unique and exciting performance and educational programming to a wide range of venues
  • We grew our capacity to tackle big programs with big support from our newly hired, amazing administrative and production team members. Staff positions at DISCO RIOT offer opportunities for professional development and pathways to increased capacity for our community artists in all roles with the organization.
  • We produced a successful spring concert, featuring new works by Anna Brown Massey, Martin Anthony Dorado, Chelsea Zeffiro, and Zaquia Mahler Salinas.
  • Choreo & Climb at Grotto Climbing, and Choreo & Kickball as part of the City of San Diego’s Park Social Initiative marked the return of our ultra interactive dance + an activity events! We had a blast playing and dancing in community.
  • The inaugural Queer Mvmnt Fest was a winner with artists and the community alike. The festival exceeded our expectations and we are so excited to get to do it again in 2023.
  • We executed the first half of our Peer Organized Touring Exchange (PORT) and performed at ODC Theatre in San Francisco with our friends of FACT/SF.
  • In addition to our regular programming, we performed and taught in nearly 10 community partner and outreach activities, including events at SDMA, MCASD, San Diego PRIDE, and hosted a 5-week summer camp with the VAPA Foundation.

We appreciate your support and want to show you some love. Contribute and get some sweet perks!

Friends of DISCO RIOT: $100+

    • You or your business name on our website acknowledgement list

Admirers of the Revolutionary Groove: $250+

    • 2 VIP Tickets for a DISCO RIOT event in 2023
    • Special Edition DISCO RIOT tee
    • You or your business name on our website acknowledgement list

Supporters of the Glitter Hustle: $500+

    • 4 VIP Tickets for a DISCO RIOT event in 2023
    • Special Edition DISCO RIOT tee
    • You or your business name on our website acknowledgement list

Advocates of Righteous Movement: $1000+

    • VIP Tickets for the 2023 Season for 2
    • Special Edition DISCO RIOT tee
    • You or your business name on our website acknowledgement list

Coconspirators of the Cosmic Revolution: $5000+

    • VIP Tickets for the 2023 Season for 4
    • Special Edition DISCO RIOT tee
    • You or your business name on our website acknowledgement list


We want to give a big shoutout to all of the artists and their collaborators who created with DISCO RIOT this year. It is always an honor to share in your process and have the privilege to showcase your work!


We are also very fortunate to have had some amazing partners and coconspirators in 2022! Shout out to Art Produce, BalletCenter Studios, Visionary Dance Theatre, FACT/SF, Stage 7 School of Dance, Malashock Dance, Mingei International Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.


Our Board of Directors, Grant Committee, all of the DISCO RIOT staff, and volunteers deserve a huge thank you for their work in supporting the mission and work of this organization. The success of every program we activate is interconnected, and made possible by their work.

Board of Directors: Erika Wexler, Zach Leffers, Joyce Lien Kushner, and Jennifer Samore

Grant Committee: Elva Salinas, Anna Rogers, and Erika Wexler

DISCO RIOT Staff: Lauren Christie, Marty Dorado, Sol dela Rosa, Odessa Uno, Chelsea Zeffiro, Desiree Cuizon, and Trystan Merrick, Taylor Olson, Alyssa Rose Soderberg, and Zaquia Mahler Salinas

Dance. Art. (R)evolution.