Choreo & Fly: Rachel, Miranda, & sol

Choreo & Fly: Rachel, Miranda, & sol


A few artists speak out about their work for Choreo & Fly! Learn more about Rachel Catalano, Miranda Reed, and sol dela rosa and their experiences creating a piece to share at our fun kite-flying + dance event. As a part of the 2023 La Jolla WOW Festival, DISCO RIOT’s Choreo & Fly event will be at Jacobs Park, near the Rady Shell on April 29th & 30th!



Tell us about your history with dance, performance, and art practice. How has it influenced your voice as a choreographer? How have you grown as an artist and dancer?

sol: Currently what is forming my practice is also informing my body on how it receives and transmits knowledge. I am curious on how embodiment and adaptation work together.  Movement practices that have heavily influenced and strengthened my curiosity muscle are passing through, flying low, fighting monkey, contact improv, as well as the semiotics, queer theory, meditation, and the endless pursuit of listening to what provides vitality for the self that is currently occupying my body. 


What was your process for creating your piece? Do you have a source of inspiration or some ideas that you are working with?

Rachel: The process for creating this piece was similar to most of my choreographic processes. Collaboration is at the forefront of my focus when I start a work and in this particular case I got the opportunity to collaborate with one of my closest friends about friendship.


Choreo & Fly is going to be hosted at the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park along the Embarcadero Marina. How has this location influenced how you’re developing your piece?

sol: The proximity and potential for distance, the horizon, open air, the large gesture of the space and the smallness that can be a solo performance, all of it supports each other and trusting that we will have our experiences of the space.


What has been your favorite part of the process?

Rachel: My favorite part of this process has been how slow we were able to go and how safe it feels in this particular space with this particular friend. It has really made the time researching fee fun and the possibilities of movement feel endless.




Miranda: My favorite part of this process has been working with my close friend, Rachel Catalano. Our piece is about friendship, which seems fitting. We found inspiration from the possibility of flying or falling, and how in close friendship you can find lightness that feels like flying.


What are your hopes and dreams for the San Diego dance scene?

sol: For community, mutual growth, seeing each other not in the value of who can do something better, or what spectacles we are capable of, but in that we are all conduits for information, knowledge, love and that we each pass that onto another. The collective consciousness of our passion.



Join us for our FREE Choreo & Fly event! All ages are welcome to join us for an exciting weekend of kite-flying! RSVP and learn more with the link below.