We Are Disco Riot

Our mission is to grow social consciousness and connection through collaborative, thought-provoking movement-based arts in San Diego.

disco gives form to riot


DISCO RIOT exists to elevate a collaborative art culture in San Diego and beyond — because the world needs more movement-based art. We connect dancers and artists who want to move themselves and audiences in ways that push boundaries to make high impact art that promotes community, justice, and movement as a form of radical expression.


DISCO RIOT produces and supports innovative dance programming, connects artists across media and form to grow and intensify our community, and provide an educational space that reflects contemporary and progressive professional realities.


Our intent is to incite the exploration and (r)evolution of what our arts community can truly be, and to change the culture of how dance exists within it. Dance is potent; dance should move people. DISCO RIOT is here to make people feel and see something significant, and to move them towards the unexpected.

DISCO RIOT is you, too!

We believe that more collaboration and community (not just artists, but enthusiasts and patrons as well) is the key to growing a healthy and progressive arts scene in San Diego, so check out what we’re up to and join the party! Apply for a residency, come see a show, move with us, volunteer, connect, and share us with your friends. There are so many ways to be part of the DISCO RIOT (r)evolution.

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DISCO RIOT can’t do what we do without the generous support of community.

We’d like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to our Season 3 Donors:


Friends of DISCO RIOT ($100+)

Taylor Olson, Jai Juce, Eleanor & Lee Ewart, Jan Jarrell, Blythe Barton, Cheryl Soderberg, Felicia Reyes, Jennifer Samore, William Jones, Matt Carney, Heather Wentworth, Tina Carreras, Sarah Wheeler, Beth Calarco, Leslie Armstrong, Kathryn Scheidegger, Nicole Oga, Frank Guarino, Joyce Lien Kushner, Dawn Fonseca


Admirers of the Revolutionary Groove ($250+)

Terry Wilson, Kathy Wexler


Supporters of the Glitter Hustle ($500+)

Jim Mahler and Anita Martinez, Zach Leffers, Monique Sanders Gross, Justin Rivera


Advocates of Righteous Movement ($1000+)

Aisha Mahler Salinas, The Color Collective, Ami Davis, Colette Christie, Elva Salinas, Bessemer Trust, the Lehr Family, Robert Wexler

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