Upcoming Events

Donation-Based Dance Training

Weekly Classes

Ongoing: Classes offered every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, with rotating teachers. Formats include both contemporary modern and improvisation-based practices. We also offer Sunday pop-up classes!


S P A C E Pro Showcase

April 19 & 20

Our first cohort of S P A C E Pro residents will share a culminating presentation of work at MCASD La Jolla. Join us to see what Greta Nuñez, Victor De La Fuente, and Cecily Holcombe have developed in their 10-week residencies!


Choreo & the Big Gay PICNIC

May 19th

DISCO RIOT is excited to present Choreo & The Big Gay PICNIC on May 19th. Under the direction of Lead Artist Martin Anthony Dorado, this event will include outdoor dance performance + picnic shenanigans with our partners, The Big Gay Picnic!


Authentic Movement with Jane Blount, HHP

3-Session Spring Series

April 28, May 26, June 23

Can we enter the vastness of not knowing? Wait and listen for the body’s inner leadings to rise and flow, sink and rest, or burst into being? The practice of Authentic Movement invites us to be present with our full and deepest selves, it offers an entry into seeing clearly through cultivating one’s inner witness. This profound discipline, involving inner-initiated movement, with eyes closed in the receptive presence of a witness connects us to the inner wisdom of the body.

In this 6 session offering we will deepen our exploration of the elements of Authentic Movement: how to connect with one’s authentic movement, moving and being moved, seeing and being seen, and the roles of mover and witness, both inner and outer. We will continue to embody conscious use of language and use various forms of practice such as dyads, the breathing circle, and the long circle.

This series is open to all. If you are new to Authentic Movement you must come to the first session or connect with Jane for an introduction to the practice.

Fee / Sliding Scale NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds)

$60 – $120 for the series, $20-$40/session drop in rate for those with prior Authentic Movement Experience – RSVP Required. 

To learn more about Authentic Movement, here’s a wonderful introductory article by Daphne Lowell, and a link to Light, a beautiful film centering Janet Adler, a key developer of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Questions? Contact Jane janeeb1018@gmail.com