Weekly Classes

DISCO RIOT classes are by donation ($10 suggested) because we believe that class should be affordable and accessible in order to enhance working artists’ ability to take class and continue training. We offer classes with rotating teachers to promote a culture of sharing, exploration, diversity, expanding perspectives, and community. Class is a place of personal growth, community building, curiosity, skill-building, and play. We learn from one another. We grow together. Join us!



Drop In, Spiral Out

Advanced Level Contemporary Modern

Rotating teachers: Odessa Uno, Aisha Reddick, Sol dela Rosa



Wiggle It Wednesdays

Beginning Level Contemporary Modern, first 3 Wed. of each month

Movement Enthusiast

all levels improvisation, 4th Wed. of the month

Rotating teachers: Alyssa Rose, Joyce Lien Kushner, Zaquia Mahler Salinas



Drop In, Spiral Out

Advanced Level Contemporary Modern

Rotating teachers: Chelsea Zeffiro, Lauren Christie, Marty Dorado

Check out the drop down menus below for detailed class descriptions and rotation schedule.

Drop In, Spiral Out

Mondays 9:30AM – 11AM

Fridays 11AM-12:30PM

at BalletCenter Studios

Advanced Level w/ Rotating Teachers

Monday Teaching Rotation

1/2 & 1/9: Odessa Uno

1/16 & 1/23: Aisha Reddick

1/30 & 2/6: sol dela rosa


Friday Teaching Rotation

1/6 & 1/13: Chelsea Zeffiro

1/20 & 1/27: Marty Dorado

2/3 & 2/11: Lauren Christie


Monday Class Descriptions

Aisha: This class was built on the foundations of release and modern techniques, floorwork exploration, improvisation practices and having fun! Finding efficiency in the pathways of the body to bring awareness to the connections of body+mind+soul+space make for a perfect Monday morning blues remedy! It’s suggested that the limbs are covered for this class — long sleeves, pants, knee pads and socks.


Odessa: This class prioritizes finding a personal rhythm and movement vocabulary rooted in individual self-expression, groove, and a deep sense of connection to music.


sol: Play is the foundation to sol’s class. Incorporating play as a way of exploring our bodies, creative minds, our environment, and our world.  Through functional movements we will play with our bodies range of motion, degrees of effort, balance and begin self discovery.  Moving from the floor to standing we will dance with gravity and organize through space, movement sequences, and through each other as a community.


Monday Themes

For the next few cycles, Monday classes will focus on community and open discussion, harnessing energy, getting lost in the movement, rigorous but low stakes play.

Friday Class Descriptions

Chelsea: Rooted in Release Technique, this contemporary dance class utilizes visualization and progressions to engage and specify body pathways — moving fluidly through floorwork and phrasework.


Lauren: My class will progress from a floor warmup to standing exercises to phrasework that moves through the space and in/out of the floor. We will explore groundedness and buoyancy, stability and freedom, momentum and control. I am interested in flow, transitions, suspension, breath, and efficient use of energy. My aim is to foster a non-judgmental class culture, to allow space for individuality, and to encourage open awareness within the space.


Marty: A mixed class of dance and basic fitness elements designed for sharpening the body and the mind. We’ll explore exercise and movement patterns in longer sequences for a full body warm up, and grounding in some floorwork and inversions. Followed by traveling exercises focusing on flowing in and out from the ground, exploring and activating efficiency and intention in the body and mind. We’ll finish with a cumulative contemporary phrase focused on speed and directional changes. Alternative movements and various suggestions will be offered throughout class.


Friday Themes

Friday classes for the next cycle will focus on the use of imagery, particularly the elements; using images of air, water, earth, and fire as tools of interest to convey, portray, and experience exercises/movements/concepts in each class.

Wiggle It Wednesdays

Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm

at Stage 7 School of Dance

Beginner Friendly w/ Rotating Teachers

no dance experience necessary

Teaching Rotation

January: Alyssa Rose

February: Joyce Lien Kushner


Wednesday Class Descriptions

Alyssa: This class is an open invitation to practice dance fundamentals and explore movement. We will prioritize personal needs and deep listening, while moving through set exercises created to deepen our awareness and strengthen our understanding of how the body can move safely and efficiently. Heavily guided, this class is for you if you are interested in dipping your toes into a dance environment, or desire a refresh of fundamentals in a low-stakes environment.


Joyce: Drawing from various modern and contemporary disciplines, Joyce’s beginning level class provides a strong foundation for floorwork, as well as classic contemporary modern techniques. Class begins with a floor warm-up where somatic, improvisational and release ideas are introduced. We then move to our feet, going from center work to across the floor, working on and exploring more traditional contemporary and modern techniques. If time allows, we finish off by building a final phrase that will have us moving in and out of the floor. Learning how to move safely and efficiently are emphasized, and space for questions and explanations will always be provided. Knee pads are suggested if you are new to floorwork.


Wednesday Themes

The next few Wednesday cycles will focus on learning how to safely move the body, taking time to get into the details, and an emphasis on fundamentals.

Movement Enthusiast

Every 4th Wednesday 6:30-8PM

at Stage 7 School of Dance

All Levels

no dance experience necessary


Teaching Rotation

January: Alyssa Rose

February: Zaquia Mahler Salinas


The fourth Wednesday of the month is always Movement Enthusiast – an all levels improvisation practice grounded in creative movement, exploration and playful community. Movement Enthusiast is an improvisation-based movement practice that incorporates concepts and practices from dance, yoga, somatics and other modalities to facilitate a community space of physical and creative exploration, mindful movement, and playfulness.