2023 S P A C E Alliance Studio Residency

Our S P A C E Alliance Studio Residency program is back!  Like always, Edition 5 of the residency promotes the cooperation of local spaces and movement-artists, building artistic community, artist development, and provides a platform to share new work. In alignment with DISCO RIOT’s overall mission, we foster interdisciplinary movement-based art with themes of social change and storytelling.


DISCO RIOT’s community partners Art Produce, Balletcenter Studios, and Malashock Dance, will provide 40 hours of rehearsal space over a 10-week period to the selected resident artists from July 16 through September 23, 2023. In the spirit of community, collaboration and exchange, the residency program also includes workshops taught by the resident artists, showings of each artist’s work-in-progress, and culminates in a final presentation of artists’ work at their S P A C E Showcase, September 29-30.

meet the artists

Aisha Reddick + allie miks

Aisha and allie are in residence at BalletCenter Studios

aisha reddick (she/her) is a movement artist and teacher based in San Diego. aisha’s creative work stems from a place of curiosity, unserious play and pushing the boundaries of the unexpected.

allie miks (she/her) is a performing artist, mover, and teacher from Los Angeles. allie creates art in a process-based method that focuses on collaboration with the creators involved. to her, movement and the creation of art in community with others is the most liberating experience, and it is to be shared.

allie miks & aisha reddick met through a mutual friend as aisha was looking for a place to live when she moved to Long Beach. They lived together for a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and at different times during quarantine, they both decided to move back home. Since then, they have worked as emerging artists in their respective hometowns, and are happy to start their collaborative journey together through the S P A C E Residency this year! aisha and allie are interested in challenging the idea that “meaningful” art has to be on serious topics or hold somber meanings, while joyous, silly or comical art isn’t held at the same caliber. They believe that there is a way to create work that can be valued at the same level while exploring something unserious.

about the project

An immersive and fun dance theater piece. Four friends are on a quest to solve a mystery… something sweet is on the line!

Samuel Briseno Jimenez

Samuel Briseno Jimenez (they/them) is originally from imperial county, the twin-border cities located near the Mexican-US border. Sam is interested in exploring queer latinidad in relation to the liminal space that is the border. They studied at the University of California, Riverside, where they obtained a B.A. in Dance and a B.S. in Business Administration, with a focus on Marketing. Not having any formal training prior to UCR has really challenged them to create a movement style that is unique to them. Sam is a multitude of beings, transient in the way they manipulate and bend space. Sam enhances any space they’re in, through their capacity to transform, their flexibility to adapt, their groundedness and through their intentionality. Sam leads every movement with love.

about the project

‘Trans-Materialized’: to describe the hyper-visibility, negotiation, and materialization of trans bodies as they move through space. With Trans-Materialized, my goal is to continue exploring these themes, informed by my own lived experiences and those of my trans siblings and community.

Samuel is in residence at Art Produce

Lesly Rodriguez + Nhu Nguyen

Lesly and Nhu are in residence at Malashock Dance

Lesly (she/they) is a 23 year old latinx dance artist born in oaxaca, mexico but currently residing in southern california. They explore  identity, intimacy, and their personal relationship to the current state of the world through choreographic research, writing, painting, and video diaries.

Nhu Nguyen (they/them) is an artist and maker with interests in dance, photography, and wearable art. Since their immigration to the United States, Nguyen has been in various roles and partnerships with multiple Creative Youth Development organizations in San Diego. Currently, their work explores the intersectionality of art-making and social justice.

Together, we reflect, respond, learn, and analyze our current states  in the world. We make visible what is mostly invisible. We are our people and we are learning about who we are, all the time.

about the project

The theme of our research is inheritance. We share a history of remembering our parents acknowledging leaving everything behind when they immigrated to the US. We are interested in this place where this “nothing” is left. This project is about existing in multiplicity; acknowledging everything/everyone that leaves an imprint in our lives and the power that you give it.