2020 S P A C E  Alliance Studio Residency

We are pleased to share the second edition of the S P A C E Alliance Studio Residency program! In response to the current conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the program is an accelerated 6-week residency focused on projects that involve cross-disciplinary collaborations that are not required to be in physical proximity or share physical space. This program promotes the cooperation of local spaces and movement-artists, building artistic community, artist development, and to provide a platform to share new work. In alignment with DISCO RIOT’s overall mission, we foster interdisciplinary movement-based art with themes of social change and storytelling.

DISCO RIOT’s community partners Art Produce, Balletcenter West, and San Diego Ballet will provide 40 hours of rehearsal space over a 6-week period to the selected resident artists from June 28 – August 9, 2020. In the spirit of community, collaboration and exchange, the residency program also includes master classes taught by the resident artists for their home studio communities, showings of each artist’s work-in-progress, and culminates in a final presentation of artists’ work on August 7 and 8, 2020.

These artists and their projects were chosen for the 2020 S P A C E Alliance Studio Residencies for their unique combination of interdisciplinary approach to current events driven subject matter. Given the conditions created by COVID, these projects also really embraced the possibilities of virtual processes and include collaborators from all across the United States.

This iteration of S P A C E will culminate in a virtual presentation of artists’ work. The artists’ virtual residency portfolios will premiere on Friday the 7th with live talk-backs, showings, discussions to be held via Zoom on August 8th, 2020.

Meet the Artists


Chelsea Zeffiro


Chelsea Zeffiro is a dance artist specializing in experimental and collaborative performance between theater, dance, and film. Zeffiro’s current practice is rooted in research, writing, and process – devising character and script reflexively, with who and what is in the room. As a performer, Zeffiro works collaboratively with artists, choreographers, and directors on processes wherein she is able to utilize her improvisational and technical background from development through performance. Zeffiro received her BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) and her MFA with a Fellowship in Dance from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA).

About the Work


Chelsea’s project is an episodic process –

workshopping and creating a series of

dance one-acts [in multiple mediations]

which move us closer to a question:

How can dance propose systems

for Crisis & Care?

She will be working with a rotating cast of collaborators

in addition to multi-media editor/producer,

Summer Dunsmore.

headshot and dance photo: Sam Zauscher


Jaime Nixon


Jaime Nixon graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2018, where he had the honor of teaching through The Place CAT Scheme, as well as performing for Theo Clinkard, James Cousins, Xin Xin Song, and Hofesh Schecter. Jaime trained in Cunningham, Release, Action Theatre, Gaga, Flying-Low, and Contact Improvisation, all of which inspire his own practices. In California, Jaime is now a company member of San Diego Dance Theater and has also performed for Blythe Barton, Somebodies Dance Theatre, Anne Gehman, and Keith Johnson. He has shown his work at The Place’s Robin Howard Theatre, ArtPowers New Adventurers, SDSU’s Make it Concert, CECUT in Mexico, Saville Theatre, Whitebox, and has received awards through SDDT Young Choreographers Showcase & Lux Boreal’s 4×4 TJ Nights. Jaime began dancing at 19 through San Diego City College, and is forever grateful for the guidance and support from the faculty for helping him shape the path and human he has taken on.

About the Work


Jaime’s project explores the questions:

Why do our bodies produce sound?

If we make sound, does that mean we are heard?

What is the value of listening,

and how can we interpret symbols and fantasies

through the sounds of our lives?

Jaime will be collaborating

long-distance with Angel Acuña.

headshot: Krystina Fernandez
dance photo: Sarah Navarrete


Nicole Roerick


Nicole Roerick i s a Contemporary Dance Artist/Educator and a Yoga and Pilates teacher. Before moving to San Diego, she was living abroad in Cairo, Egypt for 4 year s where she was teaching, creating work, and performing. She has her MFA and BFA in Dance, over 400 hour s of Yoga certification, and completed her Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer certification courses . She lived, taught, and performed in various cities in the U.S. before moving abroad. She has shown her work in San Diego, NYC, Chicago, Madi son, Austin, Cairo, and Istanbul. She is interested in the overlap between the disciplines she has studied. She is interested in the overlap between the disciplines she has studied and how movement can be a source of healing and empowerment, through her voice and the voices of those she works with.

About the Work



Nicole’s project will research societal and political

issues within America in regards to white privilege,

allyship, the Black Lives Matter movement,

and the unpacking of racial inequality.

Her collaborators include (Alyshia) Sheree Harper,

Trent D. Willams, Michelle Mercedes, and Cierra Willis.

Her collaborators are the source

for this work and she aims to elevate

and empower their voices as Black artists.

headshot: self portrait
dance photo: Jim Carmody