Community and Artistic Social Action

KINDLE is a socially engaged, data-driven research project facilitated by Zoya Sardashti and co-authored by Zaquia Mahler Salinas. Our goals for the 2021 season are to identify and map the needs of local performing artists. This effort not only responds to the lack of financial support from government agencies, but also the lack of community-driven resources. San Diego requires more artistic platforms that connect and amplify the values and necessities of performing artists across private, public and virtual spaces. Public and private funders have been ineffective in allocating funding for performing artists, especially those who identify as BIPOC, differently abled, LGBTQA+ and female. We must provide public officials with the data to support policies responding to artists needs. This initiative will also provide artists, art institutions, researchers, and the public with a clearer understanding of who the San Diego performing artist community is and what we can achieve. Lastly, KINDLE is interested in stimulating dialogue about how artists can support artists, how local organizations and institutions can better support artists, and what the development of a collective arts economy can look like in our region.


In addition to data collection, KINDLE experiences involve collective actions that contribute to community building. From January to October we will hold space for , but not limited to the following: 

  • Developing ideas for either residencies or independent projects. 
  • Gaining exposure to innovative methods in contemporary performance practice. 
  • Ideating new frameworks for diverse artistic practices. 
  • Collaborating on artist-led and curated public events that are free of charge.



KINDLE advances empowerment and advocacy for performing artists while creating public conversations about freedom of expression and bodily precarity. The finale of the project will result in creating a collective action demonstrating our needs, values and concerns. This performance-as-protest will include multiple forms and diverse practices. As a collective we will decide how to install it in public and online.

Image by Ladan Tofighi

KINDLE events happen quarterly (January 10, April 11, July 11, October 10). Conditions permitting, KINDLE events will have both in-person and online options. All are welcomed – you do not have to be an “artist” to join in this effort to make change and support the arts!

Get Involved

July 11th KINDLE

We are gathering on July 11, at Morley Field Park from 3:30-6 for KINDLE, where we will develop the final draft for the arts advocacy performance-as-public demonstration together. We will work through 2-3 activities that Zoya will propose as a common thread for the event. This an opportunity to include your own score, intervention, performance, song, design, etc. that can be folded into a structure that Zoya has outlined.

We need you to bring your voice, art practice, and community to make a collective statement about the state of arts funding. Our goal is to increase funding for performing arts in San Diego, especially for BIPOC folx who are not necessarily attached to institutions. On Sunday October 10, we will fill the park with movement, music, and performance art that joyously demands:

1) more funding and City support for independent artists

2) acknowledgement and accurate representation of artists in our border community

3) art as an essential aspect of freedom of speech and community representation and the necessity to provide resources for such

4) social and racial justice are embedded in more equitable arts representation and funding in our region

From the January 10th Gathering