Mo(ve)ments of Queer Nudism & Body Celebration


by Che Che Luna (they/them)

Martin A. Dorado (he/him) & Nathan Serrato (he/they)

Thursday, June 16th @ 7pm

MCASD Downtown

This show features unashamed nudity as art. Audience is 18+ only for this event.

Event Information

Film Screening

Kick off the evening with our 2023 Queer Mvmnt Fest film selections! For more information about this year’s films, check out the Film Screenings page.

inpleasure by Che Che Luna

Building a consensual and pleasure-forward relationship to ourselves changes what’s possible for everyone we’re in direct and indirect relationship with. Pleasure is threatening to patriarchal capitalism precisely because once we unlock our pleasure, we become undeniably powerful. This experimental piece is an invitation to witness Che Che, and their anchor partner Frankie Simone, as permission-giving mirrors of erotic embodiment.

Body Odyssey by Martin A. Dorado & Nathan Serrato

A sharing of stories and naked truths. Features solos from young nudist movers; celebrating their queer experiences with finding confidence & body positivity, embracing sexuality & self-expression, and harboring lasting relationships & community.

about the artists

Che Che Luna (they/them) is a neurodivergent, queer, non-binary latine artist. Through sex + pleasure education, activism, dance and group facilitation, they aim to bridge the gaps in pleasure accessibility so that folks can (re)build consensual and affirming relationships with themselves and others. They are currently planting roots on the ancestral land of the Kumeyaay People.

Using their background as a competitive gymnast, aerialist and professional dancer, Che Che is deeply interested in co-creating containers that invite people to reclaim their pleasure and eroticism. They currently offer a variety of workshops, online courses and community gatherings. You can learn more about their work on IG @che.che.luna or on their website

Martin A. Dorado (he/him) graduated with a BA in Dance from New Mexico State University in 2011. His passion for dance took him to San Diego in 2012 where he has been performing, teaching, and choreographing for many local dance artists and companies. This includes Visionary Dance Theater (2012-2015), The PGK Dance Project (2014-2020) , Compulsion Dance and Theater (2014-2020), as a guest artist for San Diego Dance Theater (2019) and Continuum Dance Project (2019), and Malashock Dance (2014,2020). Since 2021 Mr. Dorado has been with one of San Diego’s newest dance companies Disco Riot as a company dancer, choreographer, instructor, and lead artist. Since 2015, he has developed a passion for a nudist lifestyle and explores ways to bring together dance and nudist communities through performance, yoga, and movement experiences. Marty is thrilled to be part of many vibrant and diverse communities here in Southern California.


Nathan (he/they) is a Master Certified Trauma and Life Coach and a Yoga & Breathwork Instructor. Nathan helps queer leaders and visionaries in the journey towards, sexual, spiritual, and financial reclamation. Whether it’s to lead with more courage, to love with more vulnerability, or to have better sex, Nathan uses a holistic and integrative process to help guide people into their most unconscious blocks and move through them with grace so they can fully embody the confidence, joy, and power they are deserving of.

For Instagram: @madpassionz @queerconscious @sandiegonakedyoga