Entre Despierto y Dormido

By Rogelio Lopez (he/him)

Friday June 16 @ 7pm

Saturday June 17 @ 4pm

MCASD Downtown

Join us for this highlight performance from Bay Area artists Rogelio Lopez & Dancers! Entre Despierto y Dormido premiered at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco back in October to rave reviews, and we are excited to share it with you in San Diego!

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Entre Despierto y Dormido

You know that thing? When you feel like you can never be yourself because the “NORM” says you are too Gay and too Mexican, so they just cast you aside like a glittery sombrero? This piece is very that. Foxes, Bunnies, Femme Boys, Oh My! are the travelers Entre Despierto y Dormido. A new work by Rogelio Lopez and Dancers. Fantasies, anxieties, and a floral print merge on a search for an essential essence that has been shamed away. A search that feels futile because the “self” has been stripped, replaced, and tweaked so often that authenticity exists merely as a concept. This piece is an outpouring cry of a person who has put to sleep so much of himself in order to “succeed” in a society that constantly reminds him that he doesn’t belong.


Friday June 16 @ 7pm @ MCASD Downtown

Saturday June 17 @ 4pm @ MCASD Downtown

about the artist

Rogelio has been a choreographic presence throughout the California college dance scene over the past decade, where he has created many works chosen to be performed at the American College Dance Association annual festivals, some of which have been presented in the gala performances and at nationals. Rogelio is currently the director of the MFA in Dance at St. Mary’s College of Moraga and teaches regularly at Shawl Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley. He holds an MFA in Dance from California State University Long Beach and has danced professionally for many wonderful contemporary dance artists including Keith Johnson, Hope Mohr, Cathy Davalos, Mary Armentrout, Deborah Slater, Nina Haft, and Randee Paufve.