Brother to Brother

by Visionary Dance Theatre

Wednesday, June 14 @ 7pm

MCASD Downtown

We are thrilled to share the work of this local LGBTQ+/BIPOC dance organization! Under the leadership of Spencer John Powell, they’ve been holding space for and promoting radical inclusion in our dance community for a long time, and spotlighting their work in this festival is a MUST.

Event Information

7pm Brother to Brother

See the world through different eyes…

“Brother to Brother” portrays life experiences from the perspective of BIPOC and Queer men of colour. This production lifts the veil to expose raw thoughts and feelings from strength to sorrow, hope to fear, and wisdom to courage – through dance, experience their stories.

about Visionary Dance Theatre

Artistic Director of Visionary Dance Theatre, Spencer John Powell is an award-winning choreographer and actor, as well as a director, producer, and teacher. A background in musical theatre, ballet, and modern dance, and more than thirty years of experience in the performing arts, fuels his passion for choreography. One of his notable pieces, “Son of Cain,” was commissioned by The Movement Kitchen, sponsored by the American Embassy in Vietnam, and performed in Vietnam. By choreographing works that empower artists to express their voices and talents, Powell embraces a spectrum of diverse performers not limited to being able-bodied or by economic, ethnic, gender, racial, or social status. Kidz Danz Kompany, the youth company founded by Powell in 1994, is an extension of this vision that promotes accessibility, participation, and performance in dance and theatre arts for all.

Instagram: @visionary_dance_theatre