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Founded in 2018, DISCO RIOT is a grassroots nonprofit organization focused on creating opportunities for local dance artists and elevating the local dance scene. Our mission is to grow social consciousness and connection through collaborative, thought-provoking movement-based arts in San Diego. DISCO RIOT produces and supports innovative dance programming, connects artists across media and form to grow and intensify our community, and provide an educational space that reflects contemporary and progressive professional realities.



Artistic Director: Zaquia Mahler Salinas

Executive Director: Erika Wexler

Dance: Guillermo Castro, Lauren Christie, Desiree Cuizon, Marty Dorado, Joyce Lien Kushner, Nicole Oga, and Chelsea Zeffiro

Music: Jonny Tarr

Brand & Marketing: Zach Leffers

Grants & Funding: Elva Salinas

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