We Reference The Movements of Water

S P A C E  Alliance Studio Residency Artist Evan Hart Marsh is using his fall 2019 residency to further develop his movement research around the yogic concept of the gunas, the three mental states. This work, entitled Thread, explores decision making as it relates to the fluctuations of the mind.

We Reference The Movements of Water

When we describe our continuation of consciousness we use the word stream.

When we describe feeling connected to each other’s thoughts we use the word wave.

When we describe our present state of being we use the word current.

When we describe our creative process we use the word flow.

Holding on to the stream is nearly impossible. Dipping in to the current and scooping a handful of images is where I begin. I slowly fill my pail and before I know it there is an ocean surrounding me.

— Evan Hart Marsh

S P A C E  Alliance Showcase

November 7-9, 2019



Queen Bee’s Arts and Cultural Center
3925 Ohio st. North Park, CA 92104